6-week Tuesday evening sewing class 7-9pm ongoing course. New intake on September 7th 2021

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For the first time ever we've got a Tuesday evening sewing class.  This is because we've had rather a lot of enquiries for sewing classes and returning students; and  we just want to offer everybody the chance to learn  how to sew or improve their skills.

As with the other evening classes we will work on 2 set projects before we move on to your the preferred choice of construction  of either Dress-making, bags/small items or patchwork and quilting.

You will learn how to calculate  fabric usage, use a pattern and learn to construct easy to sew items. The more advanced student will breese through these tasks and they can then start on something more difficult. You will be helped and guided at all times. The dress-makers will learn how to adapt a pattern to their shape and patchworkers will learn quick cutting skills and best fabric usage.

The fabrics for your first two projects have to be bought here in our shop which usually isn't more than £10.00 but after that you can source your fabric from whereever you like.

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