3-day Sewing Summer School NO SET DATES FOR 2022 YET



Changes to this year's Sewing Summer School:

I thought we'd not be able to hold this one but with the relaxing of lockdown rules recently I'm glad to be able to offer this Sewing  Summer school in a slightly different manner than previously advertised. Please read.

Because of Covid19 and because requirements have changed for many people, I would like to offer this summer school up for beginners as well and we can use this class in a way more appropriate for those who have no sewing experience at all. In my regular evening classes I teach a mixture of skill levels all in one class and we can do this here as well.  What I would also like to do is offer people to buy 1, 2 or 3 days of this summer school because I know money is tight and with this in mind there is no need to rigidly stick  to the original plan. So for this summer you can book any 1, 2 or all of the 3days between 20/07 and 22/07 . Patterns are included for the 2 or 3 day event.

As a beginners variation for those doing one day, we will just be looking at some basic sewing projects. 1fat quarter of fabric included

For those doing 2 days we could be looking at sewing an A-line skirt, pattern included

The ones who want to do all 3 days could be doing the dress below or some other dress/top.

Machines are available to use and they will have been wiped down with disinfectant and you will be asked to wipe them down after use. Social distancing will be observed and a face covering  should be worn at all times (This can be bought in our shop if you forget yours). Hand sanitzer available to use.

Normally I would have 8 places for this but because of Covid19 I will reduce this down to 5.

All considered this should still be a fun event with plenty of things to learn

So below you can  see what I had planned for this year's summer school originally.

3 days of cutting, sewing and fitting. If you do not want to make the infinity dress  but, have another project in mind lets discuss it and see if it's  suitable. You will learn a lot like measuring, cutting out, altering, different sewing techniques and much more. It will be leisure time at it's best, perhaps with a friend or member of family. Where you learn a lot and have  fun with it too.  There are only 4 /5 places available, so don't wait too long to sign up for this. Price does not include fabric and you should check with me before you buy any fabric as not all fabrics are suitable for this.

If you're a fast worker you may want to participating in additional projects.

Pattern included

In the shop you can also buy anything you haven't already got like pins, needles, scissors, tape measures and fabric if you haven't already got that

What you need to bring