Alterations to clothing and curtains in Cheltenham



At Mad on Sewing, we do our utmost to be sustainable.

We believe we have an ethical obligation to consider and address the needs of society.

The bottom line is that our philosophy is based on working with clothing and fabrics that have been ethically made. We do not support child labour in any way and are vigorous proponents of the Modern Slavery Act (2015).

We can all do something!

Let us at Mad On Sewing help you do your bit!

Let's make the old new! 

Let's refashion fashion!


Whether it's a complete overhaul or an intricate delicate refinement, we can help you reimagine your treasured old favourites or repurpose them into something completely different instead of discarding them and sending them to landfill.

Is your LBD a little tired at the seams?

Are your once height-of fashion worn-out, ripped jeans now a little too worn out and ripped?

Perhaps your curtains and drapes are looking a little too drawn?

Do you need a new up-to-the-minute neckline?

Should your floor-length hemline now be mid-calf or thigh-high to keep up with trends?

We can extend the life of your old clothes – make them really 'top drawer' and transform your beloved fabrics.

‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ – follow the three ‘Rs’ to conserve natural resources and landfill space, but at the same time – ‘restyle, restore and repurpose’ your old favourites – and let us help you do your bit.

What should you do?

Why not set up a discovery call with us at Mad on Sewing (Skype or whatever is best you)?

Then come in for a personal no-obligation consultation. Our style management and alteration service ensures we capture your requirements from the get-go.

We not only specialise in clothing repairs and alterations of both formal and casual wear but also in the restyling and recycling of curtains drapes and upholstery items:


Formal wear:

  • Wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, evening wear, designer blouses and intricate lace
  • Men's morning suits, tuxedos, jackets, dress shirts, waistcoats, business attire and day suits

Casual wear:

  • Day dresses, skirts, everyday cosy jumpers and sweaters, on-trend tops, stay-at-home jeans and comfy lounge and tracksuits
  • Polo shirts, t-shirts, chinos and cargos, casual knitwear, hoodies and shorts
  • Shorten trousers and skirts by mail-order 

Curtains, drapes and upholstery items:

Is your home looking a bit jaded? Could it do with a lift?

Some simple tailoring tweaks could make a dramatic difference:

  • Why not add a trim to your curtain? Or a border? Adding length and contrast to your curtains can really freshen up a room
  • Why not repurpose your old curtains? If you love the fabric and the colours still complement a room’s look and feel, think about reworking old curtains into something else. A stunning new table runner perhaps, with matching napkins, cushion covers and curtain ties. Even a Roman blind if there is enough usable fabric
  • Resituating curtains to other rooms might mean you have to shorten them. Perhaps they need relining or the heading needs accentuating?

We can help you make those decisions.

For all your clothing alterations in Cheltenham and for all your repairs and alterations of curtains, drapes and upholstery items, let us help you do your bit!

SEW!" By M-design Sewing Studio, Madonsewing

Make that discovery call now.