Terms and Conditions for: Classes, Made-to-measure clothing and Alterations

At Mad on Sewing, we will always do our utmost to ensure you are delighted with our service and your purchase. We will also do our best to be as understanding as possible if you have to return a fabric or are unable to attend a pre-booked class. However, we sincerely hope, too, that you will appreciate that we have put some terms and conditions in place so that we may be as completely transparent as possible with you. Our terms and conditions will also answer any questions you may have, and, we hope, prevent any surprises or misunderstandings. 


Before you book a class or workshop, please make sure you are certain you are able to attend all the dates specified as it may be difficult or even impossible to change a date once booked. We will, of course, try to help to find someone to replace you should you not be able to attend but that may not often be possible. You are of course welcome to send someone else in your place.

Please note:

  • All classes and workshops are payable in advance.
  • Places can only be confirmed once payment has been made in full.
  • If you know you won’t be able to attend one (or more) of the classes, do please let us know in advance and we will do our best to defer that class if others attending are in agreement. Please understand, however, deferments are rarely possible.
  • It is not possible to give refunds in full but depending on the time of cancellation, a partial refund will be offered, as follows:

Cancellations made:

  • 28 days prior to the commencement of the class: 90% refund
  • 14 days prior to the commencement of the class: 50% refund
  • 7 days prior to the commencement of the class: 25% refund
  • Less than 7 days prior to the commencement of the class: 0% refund.
  • Any 1-2-1 classes  and vouchers will be redeemed up to 1 calendar year of purchase. Within that time a booking for a 1-2-1 can be made for  6 months beyond that date only. If no contact has been made with www.madonsewing.co.uk  within 1 calendar year of purchase  refunds cannot be made for either vouchers or classes.

 Made-to-measure clothing:

Three fittings are included in the price of our made-to-measure clothing service. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is payable prior to any measurements being taken and the remaining 50% is payable in full, after the third fitting. 

At Mad on Sewing, our leading seamstress, Manuela, will first make up your made-to-measure garment as a toile (a test, or mock-up). This helps inform the process of perfecting the design by showing you what the finished garment will look like on you. Style and size changes can only be made at this stage. 

Any style or size changes made after the toile stage will be charged as an additional cost.

In the event of cancellation, no refunds can be made and the entire fee for the garment and our work is payable. 

Made-to-measure soft furnishings:

Please note that 100% of the fabric cost is payable prior to ordering. Payment for work undertaken is made subsequent to the customer receiving the finished items or upon installation.

As our suppliers do not accept any fabric returns, we trust you will understand that we, in turn, cannot give refunds for any fabric ordered for specific assignments.

We trust you will understand that we can only take responsibility for the size of curtains and soft furnishings if we have taken the measurements ourselves. If you provide the measurements, we cannot be held responsible if, once in situ, the curtains or soft furnishings do not fit.

If, once the item has been made as agreed, you decide to make a style change, an additional charge will be payable unless we, at Mad on Sewing, decide to waive any additional charge for a style change service.


At Mad on Sewing, we will always do our utmost to ensure any alterations we undertake are carried out to the agreed specification. If you have provided measurements yourself – either for shop-bought curtains or clothing – or if you have lost or gained weight subsequent to any fitting, we trust you will understand that we cannot offer any refund.

During the fitting process, the garment will be fitted to you as precisely as possible and only altered after your agreement. It is often impossible to make further alterations to a garment once it has already been altered. We will always alert you if we think an alteration you require may affect other features of a garment and you will be required to accept any risk in that respect prior to any alteration being undertaken.

We will notify you as soon as your alteration has been completed. Failure to collect your alteration after 30 days will generate a storage charge.

Any item which is not collected after three months will be donated to charity.


In line with government regulations, we are required to keep your data so that we may fulfil your order. We need to retain your data to inform you when your goods are ready for collection or if we are required to send them to you.

If you attend one of our classes, we are required to keep your data for insurance purposes for a period of six months. If, after that time, you would like us to remove your details, please do let us know and we will ensure your personal details are deleted.

Rest assured that our database may only be accessed by Mad on Sewing’s owner via password-protected and fingerprint-protected apps and web pages on a PC, tablet or mobile phone device.

If handwritten cards accompany any of the garments, soft furnishings or alterations we undertake for you, these will be stored in a locked cabinet for accountancy purposes only.

It is our solemn promise to you that we will not sell, or transfer, your personal data to any third party.