What you need to bring to your course


Here is a list of things you are likely to need during your sewing course.No need to worry if you lack these, we have everything for sale in the shop.

  • pencil and paper (notebook)
  • scissors (separate pairs for paper/threads and for fabric)
  • tape measure
  • needles and pins
  • chalk
  • sewing threads (also available in this shop)
  • Sewing machine optional, however if you're learning to sew and you have a machine it is actually better if you bring your own to learn on
  • As the first two projects are set (choice of 5) the fabric for them has to be bought in the shop. This will cost between £6 and £12 for both projects. Unless stated as included in the course description.

Please don't forget you can buy most of the above in our haberdashery department and we also stock a great range of fabulously colourful cotton and other fabrics.

For Jersey course, machine embroidery  and curtain courses you will not need to bring a sewing machine and you will not need fabrics as these are included in the price. But you will need  scissors, pencil and paper, needles and pins and tapemeasure and chalk for all of these.

For the Quick Curtain Course all fabrics are included in the price and will be provided. You will need to bring all of the above with you.

For a Saturday workshop day you will need to bring along all the above items Fabrics and threads are  not included in this course so you will need to buy some. But don't worry, as we stock  appropriate fabrics for the tasks ahead please let us help you along on that journey with fabric from our shop. For those who want to start with dress-making from commercial patterns please get in touch to find out what patterns and styles are appropriate for the start of your sewing journey. We advise you to use one of our tried and tested patterns because they have been proven to be very successful. 

For the 3-day Sewing Summer School everything is the same as for Saturday workshop days