3 day Sewing Summer School in Cheltenham July 25th to 27th 10am-4pm


In this 3 day event we are engaging in sewing a larger project and as usual we will be a class of mixed ages and mixed abilities.  This has worked really well in the past and we will chat about what you want to make beforehand. I will advise what might be a good way to proceed for the individual.

What you can accomplish in the 3 days really depends on what your existing sewing skills are.

It's not really a beginners course in particular. You should at least know your way around a sewing machine and have made some other little projects.

However if you're new to sewing there will be an easier project option for you and we'll soon have you on your way to become an accomplished sewist.

Courses are held in our shop's classroom.

Please also look at the page "What you need to bring" .


 The course is in a closed indoor space and we are all wearing facemasks