1-day sprecialised 1-2-1 sewing training. Dates to be agreed mutually

1-day sprecialised 1-2-1 sewing training. Dates to be agreed mutually

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Some of these courses have been available as group learning before but as they are specialized it isn't always possible to sign up enough students to run a course. This is why we are now offering this course as 1-2-1s so that you can still enjoy learning your subject with the undevided attention of your tutor


Machine embroidery with your normal sewing machine. explore the creativity of your normal sewing machine and create unique art fabrics, learn unconventional use of the sewing machine, no specialized machines or software needed

Patchwork for beginners,

It's an easy and fun way to get creative with beautiful results. You'll be able to make unique, customized projects in no time.

Quilting and quilt finishing.

Experience specialized 1-2-1 quilting training with our 1-day course. Our experienced experts will help you learn how to assemble quilt tops and quilt fillings, quilting, and surround trim. Dates are flexible and can be mutually agreed upon. Gain invaluable skills and knowledge with this enriching course.

Jersey sewing

Our 1-day specialized 1-2-1 training is perfect for those interested in mastering the art of sewing with knits and stretchy knit fabrics. Through this training, gain experience with different sewing techniques, including constructing special seams and hems, creating samples, and learning about various types of knit fabrics. With this experience, you'll be able to sew with confidence and craft clean necklines on any project.

Box cushions

This 1-day specialized 1-2-1 training provides the perfect opportunity for precision work on box cushions for sofas, camper vans, and garden seats. Choose between piped or unpiped options, with zips included as standard. The date of the training will be agreed mutually.

Cushion making

Learn how to make a small remnant into an interesting eyecatcher. Featuring a classic, timeless style, you'll look sharp and professional with high-quality details such as Oxford edge, piped or unpiped, zipped, or button closures.

Curtain course

Discover the world of machined curtains  with our 1-day specialised 1-2-1 training. Dates will be mutually agreed for maximum convenience. Our program covers everything from how to expertly craft hem, correct fabric joining, linings, weights and easy headings, designed to give you the skills required for quick and beautiful results.

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