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Re-fashion your jeans Saturday 11/07/2020 1.30pm - 5pm

Re-fashion your jeans Saturday 11/07/2020 1.30pm - 5pm

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Any old pair of jeans will do. This is where your favourite pair can get a new lease of life. You will need one or two pairs of jeans and possibly some other fabric to make a lining depending what you would like to make from your jeans. Or you can just add to them.

You are not restricted to making the bag in the picture but with this class is  just going on for one afternoon it might not be viable for bigger projects.

You will need a sharp pair of scissors and an unpicker and also some matching sewing thread. Some of your time will be spent unpicking your jeans, I would advise not to unpick too much at home though because you may be able to use some of the seams as features.



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